Varadero 60


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Varadero 60

With its well thought-out, sixties-themed interior and impeccable service, Varadero 60 is undeniably one of the finest dining establishments on the peninsula. The menu prominently features Italian flavours, with lobster and sirloin steak as the house specialties. Seating available indoors and out on the airy veranda.


Although most restaurants in Varadero cater to an international clientele, classics of Cuban cuisine (many of which are a variation on the theme of rice and beans) are still served at local "paladares" (family-run businesses). One menu item that features prominently on local restaurants' menus is lobster, a marine product reserved primarily for export and foreign visitors, and one whose capture still remains a controversial topic in Cuba. Some local specialities include ajiaco stew, meat empanadas, as well as chicken and pork dishes.