House of Rum


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House of Rum

Those interested in learning more about the production process of Cuba's iconic liquor are more than welcome to join a tour of Varadero's House of Rum, during which visitors will get the chance to savour the iconic drink in its many varieties - from the classic dark and light to chocolate and vanilla-flavoured types.

Do & See

Although crisp white-sand beaches are Varadero's main draw, the resort town's appeal extends far beyond those alone. Underneath the cerulean waters lie endless marine treasures, from natural sea fauna to an artificially created underwater marine park of sorts (Cayo Piedras del Norte), with (intentionally) sunken vessels and aircraft waiting to be explored by divers and/or glass-bottom boat passengers. There are a few attractive golf courses in the area, along with several small-town attractions. Some 20km out of town lies the so-called Saturn Cave - a natural grotto filled with water, where diving descents are possible.